American Girl Doll Lea Clark w/Book

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Gift Basket containing: “New in Box” American Girl 18” Doll Lea Clark, 2016 Girl of the year. Also included are the following “New” American Girl outfits and accessories with a retail value of $171. 1. Seize the ZZZ’s Pjs 2. Frosty Frills Sparkle Sweater 3. Frosty Frills Skirt 4. Western Chic Outfit 5. Courtney’s Mix & Match 4 (Sweatshirt, Set of 2 skirts, Hat, belt & Jelly Shoes) 6. World Tra w/spoon & Travel Stickersveler in Italy 7. Italian Sourvenir Set (Straw Purse, Serving Dish of Lemon Gelato) Total retail value $371. Great gift for a daughter or granddaughter this Christmas when toys will be in short supply. Note: Some outfits are displayed on dolls which are not included in the gift basket. Shipping not available for this item.


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